Art Lending & Payment Plans

Three-Day Lending

We want our collectors to be confident that when they select a piece of art from our gallery, they are making a decision they will be happy with for many years to come.  We want our customers to know that the art is a great fit in their home and to insure that, we offer a three day lending plan.

We encourage you to take home up to three pieces to utilize our three-day lending plan with no charges and no obligations.  When you pick up your art, we will get your info and a credit card number, but will not charge your card until you are ready to make a decision!  Simply put, we want you to be happy. 


Payment Plans

Did you know that many people buy art on lay-away installment plans?  It's an old-fashioned concept that has always been part of the art gallery world.  At Cole Gallery we believe art should be available and affordable to all people and that is why we offer up to six month payment plans for your art.

We simply take the total price of the artwork, including taxes, divide by however many months you want to pay the art off within and set up a monthly payment from an automatic credit card draw on either the 1st or the 15th of the month. The art stays here at the gallery until it is paid off.  No extra charges, just a great way to buy the art you love.