From powerful skies and stunning landscapes by Andy Eccleshall to Michelle Waldele's still lifes, which range from elegant to whimsical, these two masterful painters bring their talents to the forefront in this exquisite show.  Although local to our community, both artists are widely regarded on the national level for their beautiful work.

Master of the landscape, Andy Eccleshall explores intriguing lighting and atmospheric effects in his new show. Bold contrasts and vivid light cascade throughout many of Eccleshalls paintings, bringing an epic drama to his work; in other pieces, he poignantly captures still, misty mornings or starlit nights with deft precision and mood. Eccleshall has proven his brush again, so to speak, with this new realism show in a bewitching, painterly way as he captures the world of nature as it intersects with man. Simply breathtaking.

In her latest show, master of classical realism Michelle Waldele explores the beauty and whimsy of birds and flowers along with vintage toys and books. Michelle’s delightful paintings are filled with surprises as her exquisitely detailed still lifes never fail to charm, bringing wit and wonder to the viewer. Each work has its own narrative, a delightful view into the artist's vision of the lighter side of life.