Master painter of landscapes and skyscapes, Andy Eccleshall presents a new collection of stunningly evocative paintings.  From Northwest fields to farms and mountains, this show reflects Andy's depth of skill as an artist who communicates emotion. 

Describing the show, Andy states:
"The show, to a certain extent, is about honesty. Being honest with myself and what I want to paint, honest about the subject matter and how it's represented, an attempt to capture a more open and airy representation of landscape. All encapsulated in the title "Breathe". I interpret the word as an instruction, to stop, take a moment, take in your surroundings. The simple act of pausing and taking a breath in some way resets your mind, causes you to look at everything with fresh eyes and to make a fresh start. That's how I feel about this body of work. There are 6-8 closely related paintings based on this theme. There are also a few other pieces which, while slightly outside the character of the main show still represent a fresh look at subject matter. 

"It has been 18 months since my last collection of paintings and that long pause was deliberate. I felt I needed that time to truly dig down inside myself and find out, again, why I paint, what I paint, how I paint. I hope you all enjoy the results."