We are delighted to introduce contemporary oil painter, Jenna von Benedikt!  Born outside of London, England, Jenna gains inspiration from her European roots, places she’s lived, travelled, as well as her current surroundings where she lives in Utah’s Rocky Mountains. Hummingbirds often play the characters in the stories of her paintings. Like our lives often seem to be, they too are fast paced and there is something beautiful in trying to capture their stillness and unique colorful qualities--moments we often take for granted or miss within our own interactions with others. Jenna enjoys translating the idea of creatures--birds particularly-- as ethereal messengers bridging the gap between heaven and Earth. The idea of incorporating patterns and designs with the various subjects found in the days of the Creation story is a way Jenna connects symbolism and personal beliefs with her surroundings, as seen in her #saintedbirds, #saintedbeasts and #saintedbugs series. Her goal is to capture the story and soul of her subjects against an atmosphere that entertains both human and wild beauty.