July in the Pacific NW brings us sunshine and much needed warmth and light. Our featured artists this month, Mike Wise and Ron Stocke beautifully capture our environment, both locally and in the wider world with their masterful use of light, color, and reflection in their paintings.

Internationally acclaimed watercolorist, Ron Stocke's images capture reflections of a colored awning onto a rainy Paris street or the light streaming through a cafe window that catches a table top or glassware. Light and reflections in his work can draw you into the painting as shadows connect the objects in compositions. Ron recently shared, "The play of light and shadow is what the watercolor medium is all about and I enjoy exploiting this at every opportunity." 

Mike Wise brings us new oil paintings showcasing several local scenes, capturing his masterful use of light and reflection. A new painting of a gorgeous lily pond is just a stone's throw from his home on Whidbey Island. His northwest homesteads hearken back to days gone by, letting the viewer journey back in time.  Added to that are lush cottonwood creeks and golden aspen forests from recent travels to New Mexico, and even a floral piece or two that will lift your spirit with their simple, colorful beauty.

Meet the artists Thursday, July 19th from 5:00-8:00 and enjoy champagne, light desserts and a special tasting from Glass Vodka!