Mark Boyle

Mark Boyle
An adventurous plein air painter who backpacks with his supplies to some of the most beautiful places on earth, Mark Boyle is “on a constant quest for that perfect subject to paint.” Many of Mark Boyle’s oil paintings are inspired by his own outdoor adventures – he’s a true outdoorsman, taking in nature through hiking, backpacking and fly-fishing. Living north of Seattle provides easy access to these recreational activities, and his adventures find their way onto his canvases. His friends find themselves in various scenes, depicted as gathered around campfires, or clamdigging in the twilight, or fly-fishing on some stretch of rugged mountain river.
Artist Statement:
In my early years, I explored ravines and woods near my house, often lost in another world and late for dinner. A serious interest in painting developed at 11 years old. As I recall, my first painting was of a rainbow trout. My parents hired local artists to instruct me privately during my teen years. A person who really taught good basics was Carl Christophersen. In painting lessons, Carl taught me to divide objects into shapes and planes with hard and soft edges.
Nature impassions me. I am on a constant quest for that perfect subject to paint. During my outdoor adventures, such as hiking or fishing, I am inspired by the things I find. It is important to me to bring home my experiences and share them with others in a painting. Some of the landscapes I paint are so remote that most people can’t view them. One of the most rewarding experiences is to set up an easel on a high mountain meadow and capture the true colors found there. Through photography, I’ve documented many of my trips into the wilderness. I later use these as references in my paintings. The mediums I use are primarily oil, pastels, and watercolor.
Mark has been a member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters, Northwest Pastel Society and Northwest Watercolor Society.