Whether walking through the city streets, or seeing your china tea cup reflected in the silver teapot, we are surrounded by reflections. Ron Stocke and Angela Bandurka are both known for painting reflective surfaces in their own unique styles and media.
With nationally-known watercolorist Ron Stocke, we are whisked away to the streets of famous cities, whether Paris, London or our own fair city of Seattle. In night-time reflections of city lights, or in the wet pavement after a rain, Stocke's trademark style shines through.
In Angela Bandurka's sumptuous oils and acrylics, we are treated to reflections in time, slowing us down to gaze into glimmering silver teapots, or the glancing light off the gilded edge of a lovely china cup - a work of art in itself. Even in the upside-down image reflecting back to us through a glass of wine on a sandy beach, Bandurka brings her sense of humor and her aesthetic to us.
Please join Cole Gallery at Art Walk on Thursday July 20th, from 5-8pm for catered sweet and savory appetizers by Melissa Lange, Honeybee Yoga and Wellness, along with champagne toasts, as we welcome these artists in our new show, "Reflections".