Aimee Erickson
Bill Park Painting   H 40in x W 30in Oils

Becky Miller
This Glorious Life   H 24in x W 36in Oils

Austin Dwyer, ASMA
A Day in the Life of Andrew Foss   H 24in x W 36in Oils

Michelle Waldele
Game Cupboard   H 24in x W 16in Oils

Michelle Waldele
Apples from Home   H 16in x W 20in Oils

Cary Jurriaans
Cauliflower   H 8in x W 10in Oils

Jin Hee Lee
Heaven's Door   H 28in x W 22in Oils

Debra Cepeda
The Boys Round Here   H 24in x W 12in Oils

Angela Bandurka
Searching for Booty   H 24in x W 36in Acrylics

Michael Fitzpatrick
Gemini   H 16in x W 16in Oils

Pam Ingalls
Her Majesty   H 16in x W 36in Oils

Bev Jozwiak
Steeped in Tradition II   H 22in x W 14in Watercolors